About The Foundation

Foundation “New Age citizens” is a non-for profit juridical body, which is registered according to Bulgarian law. Its headquarters are in Sofia.

Director of the foundation is Aleksandar Slavkov Milanov.

For the period of its existence the organization had participated in youth projects for human rights protection, youth exchanges and it published number of publications on the esoteric subject of kathara teachings.

The foundation is a proponent of the holistic model for social organization, which is described in the book Holistic Society

Mission and values

Foundation “New Age citizens” is an organization with an ideal purpose, which is created to protect and disseminate new and ancient knowledge about the human and the cosmos, as well as to support the process of recognizing and describing the interest of humankind as above national legal interest which should lead to emerging of a new legal subject – United humankind.

The foundation maintains a view of equal importance of all human-beings as a unique manifestation of the Absolute, without prejudice of their gender, race, age, genetics, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, political views, economic welfare or any other distinctive features. Recognizing these distinctions among humans, the Foundation is led by the principle “United in diversity” and it develops concepts for active citizenship, non-violent stand of our own personal sovereignty of every human-being in the New Age, as well as the protection of his/her fundamental rights.

Important part of the mission of the Foundation is to protect and disseminate the teachings known as Freedom Teachings, Tan-Tri-ahura teachings, including pre-ancient history of humans and of the planet, the system of kathara, as all of them are presented in workshops and written materials by their official Speaker – E’Asha Ashayana. This includes unofficial presenting and analysis of publications of materials, published by Ashayana, as well as publishing of articles and books of other authors which are resonating and in the spirit of these teachings. The vision, principles and actions of the foundation should not be interpreted as necessarily supported by E’Asha Ashayana, Guardian Alliance, or other councils of beings and in no way is binding them. The official websites where everybody can be introduced with these sacred teachings are www.arhayas.com and www.elaisafreedomforum.com.

The dissemination of the concept that every living being is a unique representation of the Absolute, with equal importance and its own legal rights, which should be protected, is a main aim of the organization. The Foundation is providing support for the integration and implementation of this vision in all spheres of social life including: philosophy, politics, law, economics, science, medicine, architecture, art, education, culture, sports and others.

The Foundation supports the principles of transparency, openness and safety of space exploration and exploitation, preserving Earth and outer space environment and protects the right of all people to be informed about the activities in outer space, including the right of every person to be informed fully and accordingly about contacts, visitations and meetings with beings of extraterrestrial character which are part of extraterrestrial civilizations.