Youth participation

Training course „Youth participation“

The course can be delivered in Bulgarian and in English. It is suitable for:
1. pupils at age between 15-18 years old;
2. teachers, youth trainers, psychologists, pedagogical advisers, parents and other participants of the education process.

The aim of the course is to develop the skills of the youth to look for and find their place in the community, to observe, understand and interact with different persons, teams, communities and institutions. The school is presented as an environment, which is suitable for meeting and expression of talents and interests, of viewpoints and positions, of formulating ideas and projects and of exercising active citizenship (learning through experience).

After young people are introduced with key aspects of planetary, national, municipal issues, they are encouraged and supported by the trainer and the school to organize themselves and initiate a concrete project.
The continuation and the themes of the course are negotiated in advance with representatives of the school, according to actual needs. A preliminary inquiry may be conducted among the pupils in order to understand which subject of their social life is most needed to be addressed. Special focus is placed on universal human issues like protection of human rights and non-discrimination, as well as planetary issues, such as climate change.

The course is interactive and besides modern presentation of actual topics, it includes also group exercises and thematic games.
The conducting of the course should lead to increase of the institutional capacity of the school to include young people.

Into the course or in additional meetings are proposed manual for youth participation, which can support young people and trainers on their path to active citizenship.

The price of the course in determined upon the number of days for preparation and training. Minimum number of days is 2 and maximum is 12.

More about the trainer of the course: Alexander Milanov is an author of methodological guidelines for youth trainers, youth programs, legal articles and scientific reports. Besides being a legal scholar, he is also managing projects.

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