The sacred science of unity of sound and light

Kathara is an esoteric bio-spiritual healing system which is presented on Earth by the official Speaker of the Guardian Alliance – E’Asha Ashayana in series of written manuals and workshops whose sole author is she.

Kathara grid

The word kathara is derived from a very ancient cosmic language – anuhazi and it can be translated as a teaching of the unity between light and sound.

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The introductory materials in English include:

  1. Kathara level 1 manual- bio-spiritual healing system, 2001(manual)
  2. Master’s Templar Stewardship Initiaive and the Grail Quest Signet roundtables, 2010(manual)
  3. Dance for Life, 2002 (workshop and manual)
  4. Dance for Love, 2002 (workshop)
  5. Dance for Freedom, part 1, 2002 (workshop)
  6. Dance for Freedom, part 2, 20002(workshop)
  7. Dance for Joy, part 1, 2003(workshop)
  8. Dance for Joy, part 2, 2003(workshop)
  9. Kathara 2-3 Foundations “Awakening the Living Lotus”, 2004(workshop and manual)
  10. The Science and Spirituality of Creation, 2003(manual)
  11. Keys for mastering ascension, 2005(manual)
  12. The elements of discovery,2010(manual)